in order to upload a gif to tumblr and have it load is either you can load one single gif (1mb) or gifs in a photoset and they can be 2mb. you can find that on the screen when you save the gif, i’ll show you at the end.

First you’ll want to make sure you have your animation timeline up. So go to window > animation

Now click flie > scripts > load multiple dicom files

a box will pop up. find where you loaded your screencaps and click OK

Now your screencaps are loaded.

It should look like this

Now click convert to frame animation at the bottom right of the animation tab like this

Now you’ll click the bottom above that at the top of the animation tab that has an arrow pointing down with some lines and click ‘make frames from layers’

Now this is where you will play the gif and find any extra frames you don’t want on your gif.

now you’ll want to click the arrow with lines again and select all the frames

Then you’ll click flatten frames into layers 

after you flatten the frames you’ll want to delete all the layers under the eye on the layers tab like this 

select them all and hit the trash can at the bottom of the layers tab.

Now you’ll set the speed of the frames by select all frames again and you’ll click the arrow by the speed of th frames on the animation tab and you’ll clikc ‘other’

i usually set my gifs to 0.05 but you can play around with it.

Now you’ll add a psd onto it. You’ll want to select the first frame on the animation tab and the last frames on your layers tab

then you’ll drag the psd file onto the gif

now you’re ready to sharpen the gif.

which here is the tutorial i used to sharpen my gifs the way i do

then you’ll save your gif by going to flie > save for web pages & devices and make sure the gif is set to forever like so 

you’ll want your settings like that.

now if your gif is over 2 mb you’ll want to delete some frames from your animation. in a photoset I can normally get around 40 frames. 

I hope I explained everything good lol.

I’m first going to teach you how to screencap with KMplayer.

So first, go download it.

After that you’ll want to download a video or something off of thepiratebay. You can also download music videos from youtube using 

So once you download whatever you want to screencap you’ll go find it and open it in kmplayer 

Once you’re ready to screencap your part right click on the screen and click on capture > frame: extract 

you’ll want your settings like this

fyi: the red box is where you’ll choose where the screencaps go.

then you’ll click start and play the video. Once you’ve screencapped your part to be gif’d then you’ll click stop on the video, and then click stop on the frame extraction.

Then you’ll just repeat that process for however many gif’s you want to make. 

Now you’ll open photoshop cus you’re ready to make your gif.